Some useful natural laws

1) The Law of Control – we feel happy about ourselves to the extent that we have the ability to control what happens to us.

- Our thoughts, our feelings and eventually our actions

2) The Law of Polarity – Everything in the universe has its polar opposite. Left has a right. Inside must have an outside. If something bad has happened then there must be something good about it. But it is up to us to choose to focus on one or the other.

3) The Law of Cause and Effect – For every effect in our life there is a cause behind it.Everything happens for a reason, so if we can identify the causes then we’ll be able to control the effects that happen in our lives. Thoughts are causes and circumstances are effects. Our thoughts determine the circumstances in our lives.

4) The Law of Belief – Whatever you believe with feeling will become your reality; your beliefs are a screen that you use to view the world and do not let anything contrary to your beliefs inside. As a man thinketh so is he…

5) The Law of Expectations – Whatever we expect with confidence will become our reality.

What am I expecting, what do I tell myself about how things will unfold for me?

Eg. In the economy – expectations are self fulfilling. The expectation of more inflation in an economy will by its very nature increase inflation.

There are 3 key areas:-

a) What did our parents expect for us?

b) What expectations do I have for my colleagues, friends and other people that I work with?

c) What do I expect from myself? – Probably the most important of all!

6) The Law of Attraction – Each human being is a living magnet.

We all give off a certain frequency by our thoughts, feelings and actions. We have attracted into our lives people, events, circumstances that are in harmony with our own thoughts.

7) Attitude  – Consist of our thoughts, feeling and actions.

Positive mental attitude is a critical prerequisite for success. 80%  of your ability to succeed is determined by your attitude.

Where do attitudes come from?

Our attitudes come from our expectations about outcomes. Eg. What Kind of Outcomes do I expect? Winners have the habit of expecting to succeed well in advance of the actual event. They mentally live through and really imagine the emotions linked to winning in advance.

Where do our expectations come from ?

They come from our beliefs. These are ideas we have picked up and due to repetition and observation we believe them. These beliefs control our decisions and either help us or hinder us in our daily lives.

Where do our beliefs come from?

They are based on our self concept. It is the controlling factor in our performance

Self concept = Self Ideal + Self esteem + self image

How do you think about yourself? What is the image of self that you hold today?
Is it serving you or holding you back?

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