Some important facts on the subconscious mind

1. Subconscious only thinks in present tense , as in how I feel right now, what I am experiencing now. Therefore when using affirmations say “I am, I have, I earn”, Not “I want, I will have”.

2. Subconscious does not tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined -

Vividly imagining our dreams as already manifested in reality with perfect clarity and detail is equivalent to an actual experience to our subconscious mind.Our nervous system and neurons in our brain fire in the same way as it would if we were really experiencing what we imagine.That is why we can often feel tense and afraid simply by imagining a negative event happening to us.

3. Subconscious can be programmed by repetition -

Therefore whatever you habitually think or do in your conscious mind will eventually become a subconscious pattern. eg. Learning to drive a car.  At first you have to concentrate while performing the actions, shift gear, clutch control, and accelerate lightly. But once you have repeated the process enough times you have developed a subconscious pattern and the task can be done with only minimal effort afterwards

4. The subconscious mind thinks only in absolute terms

So when affirming that you will make sales in your job. Say “I sell a product every time I pitch to a prospect”, Not, “I sometimes make a sale.”

5. The Subconscious picks up thoughts quicker, if they are well mixed with emotion

Thoughts + emotional intensity also help establish beliefs which are essentially stored in your subconscious mind.  Beliefs dictate how you will act in a certain situation, you may think that you are making a conscious choice to act in a certain way but the reality is that we have developed conditioned responses that are in alignment with our dominant beliefs.

6. The subconscious Mind is irrational

Unlike your conscious mind your subconscious mind cannot decide between two or more alternatives, it is not rational or critical. Your subconscious mind will act on whatever you put into it and will bring the manifestation of whatever you habitually think in your conscious mind. Therefore its is essential that we take control of our conscious thoughts, mental images and our responses and in so doing we may develop better and stronger habits.

7. The subconscious mind knows the answers to all questions

If you give the subconscious a command or a question and you believe that your subconscious mind does indeed have an answer, you hand over the question/problem over with complete faith and expectancy, you will receive the answer.

8. The best time to program your subconscious mind is when your conscious mind is quiet or pacified eg. just before sleep and first thing in the morning upon waking.

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