Goal setting vs goal achievement

521857_398187093544412_712969219_nHave you ever set yourself a goal ,been very enthusiastic about it for while and then slowly forgotten about it? Or do you find that there is just not enough time in the day for you to work on achieving anything extra other than work and family? I have too , many times infact.The thing is that although we know how to set goals we have never been taught how to achieve them.

Setting goals is a conscious activity.We decide what we want and build an image of it or write it down. What we have not been taught is that goal achieving is a subconscious activity, involving daily habits and beliefs. That’s why those who achieve great success seem to be doing it automatically. That’s because it is! they have changed their habits and beliefs and hey succeed predictably.

After studying highly successful people and adopting their strategies I have found that goal achieving can be broken into six steps.I have designed an online goal setting course that will take you through these six steps, so that you too can make success a habit.

Click on the programs for leaders link above to sign up for this 6 part ecourse.

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