Cause and effect

5528819_f520 Today I would like to share a simple idea on how we can apply the natural laws in our decision making.

The law of cause and effect is referred to by Emerson as the law of laws.
It is such a powerful concept. Every cause has an effect.
Like causes have like effects. That means that success really does leave clues.
The clues are the causes. If we want to succeed in a certain pursuit, all we need to is look around at others and in nature to see how the effect we want has been caused previously. Then we replicate those causes in our actions.

Here are two simple questions to ask yourself before you decide to do something.

1) What is the effect of this action I’m about to take?
2) Will this cause have a positive effect on my life, my goals and on those around me ?

This will add a new dimension of clarity and causation to our daily decisions.
Go ahead and make the right decision today.

To your success!

Ramon Watson is a dynamic Thinking into Results facilitator with Bob Proctor. He is passionate in providing service and giving people more of the means of life. If you want to improve any area of your life contact
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