About Ramon

Hi And thanks for visiting my site. My name is Ramon Watson.

I am absolutely fascinated by success! What makes us successful and how do we define  it? This has led me down a road of self study and discovery. I have found that success is a choice we must make each day, simply by working towards a definite goal and really giving it our best. Success is indeed a journey and not a destination.

My focus in everything I do now is to uplift and motivate my clients. I am  becoming the best coach and mentor I can be to thousands of people globally and I endeavor to improve my skills every day. I want to show people how to achieve their biggest dreams and live a life that is rich and generous.

I know that in order to be the best I must learn from and surround myself with the best. My continuous study of personal development material over the years has led to many experts who have shaped my mind  but  none  has had a greater impact on me  than my mentor and inspiration, Bob Proctor.
I am grateful and privileged  now to be certified as a Thinking Into Results facilitator within Bob Proctors inner circle of consultants. This has been a lifelong desire and dream of mine and now has become my reality.

My desire with this work is to provide real, personal service to a global audience facing huge challenges. My passion is to help you succeed! How may I be of service to you?